Learning Continues All Year Long

Learning continues well beyond the school bell and into the summer.

Check out some of the high-quality programs offered throughout DFW.

Plant a Spark for Learning

From environmental science to computer coding, Dallas City of Learning has the STEM programs for you.

Sing a song. Play a tune.

With Dallas City of Learning you can explore music and performing arts.

Learning Opportunities Available

(and adding more every day!)

Whatever your interests, we have a program for you!


Search hundreds of at-home learning activities and in-person experiences from educational nonprofits and companies you trust.


You can search for these programs and hundreds more by age or interest area.



Coding & Gaming

Learn how to speak the language of computers, program a robot, build your own games and more.

Designing & Making

From creating visual art to designing the stage for a theater production, there is a lot to design and make.


Ever wanted to create your own podcast or star in your own YouTube channel? Check out Media programs.


You can be a star! Act, sing, play, dance and more with programs in Performance.


We all have an interesting story to tell. This is your chance to share yours and learn to appreciate others.


We all love animals! Learn all about their habitats, diet, biology and more with Zoology programs.

Community Action

Get involved with your community through service projects, advocacy efforts and more.

Earth & Science

From learning about the planets to building a bug habitat, there’s a lot to learn and do with Eart & Science.


Numbers make the world go round, especially when it comes to math and financial literacy. Check it out.

Sports & Wellness

Sports & Wellness programs will get you up and moving. It’s time to get active!

Work & Career

Try out different careers to figure out how your unique skills can best fit with a future job.

Search All

With so many options, why limit yourself? Search all the program options to see what you can find!

Explore the City

With Dallas City of Learning you can explore the city. Whether you are taking a ride on DART, visiting a cultural center, taking in a museum or a virtual tour from your mobile device, Dallas City of Learning helps you get out, connect and explore!

Build Your Future

Tinker. Try. Design. Make.

Programs are designed to put learners in the center of the action. Youth won’t be sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture. Activities are hands on and youth led.

Showcase your Talent

Act. Sing. Dance. Perform.

You can take the stage, lead the troop and dance you heart out. Programs with Dallas City of Learning help you find your inner star.




What is Dallas City of Learning?

Dallas City of Learning  is a citywide initiative to ensure all students have access to high quality summer learning programs that stem summer learning loss.

Who can participate?

Programs and events listed in this website are primarily geared towards students ages 5-18, but participation is open to anyone 18 or younger.

Why should my child participate?

Dallas City of Learning has something for every young person’s interests: robotics, writing, dancing, and much more! Our hands-on approach makes learning engaging and fun; and your child can earn digital badges for participating, and developing all types of knowledge and skills.

How much does it cost?

More than 95% of the programs and events are free. Some of the learning experiences do have costs. The website makes it easy to filter activities by free or paid; and to find out specific payment details at each partner organization.

Do I need to log in to participate?

You can absolutely participate without creating an account or logging in. However, creating an account has many benefits like tracking all of your activities and the ability to earn digital badges for your work.

How do I know my student's information is secure?

The internet is full of possibilities for learning, but we must be diligent about online safety. We focus on steps needed to create a trusted environment that will protect user and youth safety and privacy online without compromising their ability to learn.

Dallas City of Learning encourages parental permission and involvement, while also ensuring all young people have access to learning experiences regardless of whether their parents have an active email.

Big Thought will retain all data collected through the Dallas City of Learning website in strict confidence and is committed to maintaining the security of personal information. Big Thought will not use any personally identifiable data of any individual for any purpose except to provide non-commercial services and communications related to the City of Learning initiative.

City Leaders Support Dallas City of Learning

Partners Make it Possible   |   Los socios lo hacen posible

Partner organizations offer in person programs and at home learning opportunities through Dallas City of Learning. Check out some of our outstanding partner organizations!

Las organizaciones asociadas ofrecen programas en persona y oportunidades de aprendizaje en el hogar a través de Dallas City of Learning. ¡Vea algunas de nuestras organizaciones socias destacadas!

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