ArtsVision Mask-Making
ArtsVision Mask-Making

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The art of Mask-Making has been passed down for thousands of years. This badge is awarded to students who take part in a workshop describing different ways and reasons for the wearing and making af masks. Students will be able to gain hand on expereince on the technique of designing and creating their own mask for wearing and for display.


ArtsVision Performing and Visual Arts


Badge Type: knowledge

Expected Duration: 2 hours


  1. [required] Participate in the workshop.
  • Graphic Design

    This badge represents the completion of some introductory graphic design (2D) concepts, principles, and habits of mind that graphic designers deal with on a regular basis. In order to earn this credential, students must complete the scaffolded experiences that introduce them to common graphic design work. A student will create a mood board that represents his or her essence as a designer. Each will also research and select patterns that connect to that essence, create their very own pattern to start creating unique looks, design a logo to represent oneself as a designer, and craft a slogan written in their selected typeface. When combined, these experiences can help to build the foundation that the work of a graphic designer can look like. In completing these activities, the designer will have a much better idea of the discipline. There is an opportunity for a possible trip to Fossil headquarters to share work with professional graphic designers and to get a glimpse into the world of being a professional artist.

  • Google Earth Mapping

    Learned the introductory ins-and-outs of Google Earth images and mapping tools. 

  • Understanding Transportation

    Have an interest in mechanics or even mechanical engineering? Tinker with some online math activities about bikes and gears, then dive a little deeper with DIY.org to actually build some of your own inventions.

  • ArtsVision Mask-Making

    You will learn to how to make your very own african (or other types) of masks to take home using paper, paint, plaster of paris, and more. You will also enjoy stories and fables while you work.