What is Dallas City of Learning?

Dallas City of Learning lets you search through hundreds of programs, events and DIY challenges that match your child’s interests in a single, easy-to-use website.

From aviation to photography to theater, the programs listed are available both online and in-person all across the city in places such as museums, parks, libraries, rec centers and more. It’s like a one-stop shop for out-of-school learning experiences.

Why should my child participate?

Dallas City of Learning has something for every young person’s interests: robotics, writing, dancing, and much more! Our hands-on approach makes learning engaging and fun; and your child can earn digital badges for participating, and developing all types of knowledge and skills.

How can students sign up?

Students can sign up here.

Who can participate?

Programs and events listed in this website are primarily geared towards students ages 5-18, but participation is open to anyone 18 or younger.

Are there any costs for programs listed?

While many of the programs and events are free, some of the learning experiences have varying costs. The website makes it easy to filter activities by free or paid; and to find out specific payment details at each partner organization.

Why digital badges?

Dallas City of Learning awards digital badges to recognize the growth in knowledge and skills students gain through programs and activities. Each of your child’s digital badges will link to a webpage with information about the work they did to earn a badge. This way, badges are a great way to document, celebrate and showcase their learning achievements outside of school!

How do I know my student information is secure?

The internet is full of possibilities for learning, but we must be diligent about online safety. We focus on steps needed to create a trusted environment that will protect users’ and children’s safety and privacy online without compromising their ability to learn.

Dallas City of Learning encourages parental permission and involvement, while also ensuring all young people have access to learning experiences regardless of whether their parents have an active email.

Big Thought will retain all data collected through the Dallas City of Learning website in strict confidence and is committed to maintaining the security of personal information. Big Thought will not use any personally identifiable data of any individual for any purpose except to provide non-commercial services and communications related to the City of Learning initiative.

What if I have a problem signing in or accessing badges on the website?

Contact support@dallascityoflearning.org or 469-621-8989, and your issue will be addressed and resolved as soon as possible. For more contact information click here.