Intro to Geometry
Intro to Geometry

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Geometry is not always easy to understand when it is stuck on two-dimensional paper. Bring geometric shapes to life by creating them using household items like food and balloons.


Badge Type: Challenge

  • Digital Activity Sheet

    In our digital lives, we all have a responsibility to do the right thing and be accountable for our actions when using technology and devices. Parents and Students will learn online safety tips, strategies and how to communicate about appropriate content, contact and conduct with their online activities and how to manage their digital devices.

  • Take Survey: “What’s Your Status?”

    Parents and Students find out how Tech activities can impact your safety and digital footprint. Are you the “Worker”, “Surfer”, “Socializer” or “Shopper”?

  • Watch Video: “CyberSmart Parents = CyberSafe Kids”

    Parents gain an excellent source of knowledge on when to introduce technology devices to their students and the best way to monitor devices depending on their parenting style.

  • Graphic Design

    This badge represents the completion of some introductory graphic design (2D) concepts, principles, and habits of mind that graphic designers deal with on a regular basis. In order to earn this credential, students must complete the scaffolded experiences that introduce them to common graphic design work. A student will create a mood board that represents his or her essence as a designer. Each will also research and select patterns that connect to that essence, create their very own pattern to start creating unique looks, design a logo to represent oneself as a designer, and craft a slogan written in their selected typeface. When combined, these experiences can help to build the foundation that the work of a graphic designer can look like. In completing these activities, the designer will have a much better idea of the discipline. There is an opportunity for a possible trip to Fossil headquarters to share work with professional graphic designers and to get a glimpse into the world of being a professional artist.