Certified Karel the Dog Programmer
Certified Karel the Dog Programmer

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Get started programming with Karel the dog! Karel is a dog who lives in a grid and only knows four commands, but we use this to build up all of the programming fundamentals. It’s easy to get started with Karel and it is all about problem solving!


Badge Type: Challenge

  • Watch Video: “CyberSmart Parents = CyberSafe Kids”

    Parents gain an excellent source of knowledge on when to introduce technology devices to their students and the best way to monitor devices depending on their parenting style.

  • Full Steam Ahead

    STEAM learners benefit from regular opportunities to work through interesting and practical challenges with STEM methods, tools, or ways of thinking. To truly immerse students in STEAM, and allow for the level of exposure needed to develop fluency, we must ensure that all communities offer ways to engage with these subjects in multiple and varied ways, in different places and spaces. Student who complete the program will have developed critical thinking skills, improved analytical skills and increased their knowledge base about STEAM Careers.

  • Demonstrating Effective Communication Practices in Product Development - Level 1

    Front End Web Developers need to understand not only how to build a website, but how to reflect and plan for the future. All of this requires strong communication skills. This Level 1 badge represents a developing skillset focused on reflection on process, and planning for future iterations of website development.

  • Microsoft Kodu Maze Builder

    Kodu lets kids create games on PC and Xbox via a simple visual programming language. Kodu can be used to teach creativity, problem solving, storytelling, as well as programming. Game creation is also a great way to become familiar with computational thinking. This badge rewards learners for completing the introductory lessons in Kodu: Intro Tutorial, Tutorial 1, Tutorial 2, and Tutorial 3. Together, these video lessons guide learners through the process of guiding your Kodu through a maze. Design and spatial reasoning concepts are also dealt with in this badge. This disposition badge is earned with the completion of the following Kodu Tutorials: Intro Tutorial, Tutorial 1, Tutorial 2, and Tutorial 3, which asks users to successfully build a world, a maze, and navigate the Kodu character through those original, digital spaces.