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So you want to be a designer? There are many types to choose from—graphic designers, product designers and more! But no need to make any decisions just yet. All designers use the same basic tools to kick-start their creative process. And you can too!

This playlist introduces you to the basic tools you need to get started as a designer. You’ll learn all about mood boards, patterns, logos and more—and even take a shot at creating some designs of your own. Let’s get started!

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100 Level - No experience necessary

Many designers use mood boards to start a new collection. It's a form of brainstorming that helps designers see what they are thinking about making. Basically, a mood board captures the inspiration for a collection of works...Not sure how to start? Take a look at the resources section below to see some examples of mood boards created by other designers. Once you see it, I think you'll get it. There aren't really any hard rules to creating a mood board, so, do your own thing, and if you feel stuck, choose 5 colors, 5 patterns, 5 words and 5 images that express a theme that inspires you.

Then simply combine these images in single setting, either on paper or on a computer.

What You'll need: Scissors, glue, magazines, colors... anything that you can glue or draw on a collage that helps portray your inspiration as a designer. Or, you can use a computer or tablet to create your mood board digitally.

What You Need To Do: Take a photo of your mood board if made by hand or attach digital mood board if made on your computer. In order for your submission to be approved, the mood board must be at least 8.5” X 11” (standard sheet of paper) and have obvious themes represented. As part of your submission, provide a brief explanation of your mood board and what inspired you to to create it.

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