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So you want to be a designer? There are many types to choose from—graphic designers, product designers and more! But no need to make any decisions just yet. All designers use the same basic tools to kick-start their creative process. And you can too!

This playlist introduces you to the basic tools you need to get started as a designer. You’ll learn all about mood boards, patterns, logos and more—and even take a shot at creating some designs of your own. Let’s get started!

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100 Level - No experience necessary

Patterns are created by elements that repeat. Look around, they are all around you! You can find patterns in the tile in your kitchen or bathroom, or in wallpaper, rugs, towels, clothes, and that's all just inside! Leaves, rocks, tree bark, flower petals, and so many more patterns occur in nature as well. Designers often use pattern to energize a space, direct someone's eye, or make a simple color more interesting.

The trick for designers is to leverage replace patterns to set their work apart.For this challenge, grab a camera or a computer and go find a unique pattern. Once you start looking you'll see patterns everywhere. Choose one that really interests you. When you've found what you're looking for, get in close before you take a photo, and frame only the pattern in your viewfinder before you press that button so it takes up the entire photograph. If you are searching for patterns online, crop your image so that it highlights the pattern you've discovered.

What you'll need: Digital camera or a computer.

What You Need To Do: Find an image with a clear repeating pattern. Submit the image of your pattern and tell us where you found it and what made it interesting to you.

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