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So you want to be a designer? There are many types to choose from—graphic designers, product designers and more! But no need to make any decisions just yet. All designers use the same basic tools to kick-start their creative process. And you can too!

This playlist introduces you to the basic tools you need to get started as a designer. You’ll learn all about mood boards, patterns, logos and more—and even take a shot at creating some designs of your own. Let’s get started!

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100 Level - No experience necessary

You may be asking yourself... what in the world is a tessellation? Basically, they are patterns based on the repetition of a single hand made shape. This single shape is created through a special technique that allows it to be tiled next to itself over and over again like puzzle pieces with no overlaps and no gaps.

Famous Dutch artist M.C. Escher made this technique famous through many works that you very well may have seen before. Check out his work in the resources section below and see if anything looks familiar.

In this XP you'll learn this technique and create your very own pattern that the world has never seen!

What you'll need: blank sheet of paper, pencil, scissors, tape, and a small square (somewhere between 2-4 inches) of thicker paper or cardboard (thicker is easier to trace). Also, you'll need whatever other art supplies you'd like to use to add design elements to your tessellation after you've completed your tiling such as pens, markers, water colors, colored pencils...etc.

What You Need To Do: You can take a photograph of your tessellation or scan it for submission. In order to get credit for your creation, you must tile your shape at least 8 times and add some artistic elements to your tessellation, if only color. Basically, don't just trace your shape 8 times, you're a designer... DESIGN!

Resource Link(s):

How to Make a Tessellation

How to Make a Tessellation

V3- How to make a Tessellation from lisa barnshaw on Vimeo.

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