Jonas's Garden
Jonas's Garden

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Students will engage in opportunities to bring science, math, and other curricular areas to life through our classroom "tower garden" by growing fresh fruits and vegetables.


Fit and Faithful Living

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Badge Type: knowledge

Expected Duration: 1 months


  1. STEM
  • Discover Art

    Through Discovering Art you will get to know you community or a new community through the eyes of an artist. You will need to know basic art terminology to identify different urban art forms. You will become familiar with their art in their community. Top three will have their pictures displayed for 1 week and be featured on Bishop Arts Theatre Center's social media formats and in the weekly camp newsletter.

  • Discover Music

    Discover Music makes you the musician and the critique. Create your own musical piece and/or find new music in your community. Show us the kind of music you like and the kind of music you would like to make. Take a short video of your composition or favorite musical artist and tell us what you like about; the rhythms, the harmonies, the instruments. The top three videos will be featured on BATC social media platforms and in our weekly camp newsletters. Don't forget to hashtag it #DiscoverMusic #DCOL #BATC #SummerOfLearning

  • Discover Theatre

    Discover Theatre allows you to create your own short theatre piece and express yourself and your creativity through storytelling. Create a short performance piece through an original written piece or acting out a short poem with different characters. This can be a solo piece or a group piece with friends and/or family. Upload your video and don't forget to hashtag #DiscoverTheatre #DCOL #BATC #SummerOfLearning

  • Learned the Human Body and Proportions

    When you have earned this badge, you have learned the systems of the human body, their appearances, and the proportions of a human being! This will not only be helpful with science classes and art classes but will also give you a better understanding of what goes on within you!